TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

TFM-Trainer Academy 

The TFM-Trainer Academy is an association of qualified trainers within the Talentförderung Mittelhessen with the aim to further educate the many interested trainer colleagues with regular advanced trainings and seminars. The focus is not on courses lasting several days, which are often impossible for working people to manage, as is regularly the case with the associations. Rather, our training courses are intended to be valuable and instructive in terms of content, while at the same time being accessible to everyone. We see this as an offer of support for motivated and inquisitive coaching colleagues who want to offer their teams the best possible training, regardless of the level of performance, but simply cannot afford the time for multi-day licensing courses. Furthermore, the content of the TFM-Trainer Academy advanced training courses differs from many other advanced training courses.

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The TFM-Trainer Academy goes its own way, naturally influenced by its own TFM concept. Thus, the TFM advanced training concept also aims at turning the players to be trained into independent and creative soccer players. To this end, we teach the coach undergoing further training how to implement and promote his players in order to develop and implement this game behavior together with his team. 

However, advanced training courses that offer an insight into modern and top-class soccer should not be neglected. Accordingly, speakers from youth development centers and Germany's top divisions are an integral part of the TFM-Trainer Academy.