TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Let children play

Written by Deniz Solmaz on 25.10.2020

The completely wrong way.

With the greatest regret and also with some bitterness I have had to realize that at short notice games of the juniors at the district and group league level have been canceled. It was explained with the rising infection numbers. This pandemic was something completely new for us at the beginning of the year and we first had to learn how to deal with it. The lockdown had serious consequences for all of us. Because of the uncertainty at the time, I could understand that we would first have to see what we would have to face. There is no question that this virus exists and that it is also dangerous. In retrospect, however, we can say that the schools and sports clubs were certainly not the drivers of these infections. It was clear to everyone that the second wave was coming. The top priority was also that schools must remain open, and quite rightly so.

There is now also scientific evidence for the fact that transmission of the Corona virus on the soccer field is almost impossible. Why on earth are we canceling games now? Has anyone ever thought about what terrible consequences this has for the development of our children? Isolation is the ultimate punishment for our youngest, who can't do anything about the rising numbers of infections and don't contribute to them at all.

Infection on the soccer field and in the fresh air is almost impossible and yet you voluntarily just put games away and rob the children of their favorite hobby?

Distance, mask and hygiene rules must definitely be observed. I don't care if you regulate the number of spectators, cancel the booths, the showers or whatever. Finally, everyone can decide for himself whether the risk is too high for him and he prefers to stay at home. But please do not spread such panic and let the children continue to play their game!

Caution and respect are right. Fear, panic and game cancellations are completely the wrong way to go.

We will do everything we can to keep training and games going as long as possible.