TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

TFM-Talent training concept

The training content for our field players is based on the demands that the soccer of the day after tomorrow will place on our young players. We conclude from the developments of recent years, through our exchange with experts on the training of players in national and international top clubs and scientific findings that the following training modules are important and therefore determine our training program:

Promotion independent of position

  • Ambidexterity
  • Ball carrying (1st contact)
  • Passing techniques
  • Playing out movements
  • Goal scoring techniques
  • Defensive techniques
  • Change of pace with and without the ball
  • Different ways of ball control
  • Individual free running movements
  • Re-viewing behavior 

We teach the players this content initially in "simple" tasks with a high number of repetitions so that they get used to the movements. After a short time, we then move on to putting the players in ever-changing situations whose successful resolution requires the use of the techniques they have learned. In this way, the players gain an understanding of which techniques they can use most profitably in which game situations.

In addition, the training includes athletic and mental aspects to enable a holistic development. This is to prepare the young player in the best possible way for the various requirements of a soccer game.