TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Our basic ideas

Our basic idea in TFM is to support as many young players as possible, as long as possible and as good as possible on their way to become unique footballers.

For us, this basic idea means that in our considerations about developmental steps and assessments of players, we free ourselves from performance distortions that can arise, for example, from growth and puberty effects or from the Relative Age Effect.

Another basic idea in all our considerations is to remind ourselves daily that people and especially children do not develop evenly. Rather, the development and thus also the performance of each player is a constant up and down in the interaction of his abilities, his environment and the tasks that are set for him.

Through this holistic view, we attach great importance to supporting the player on his way to the maximum, by offering him on the one hand in our training an atmosphere in which he feels comfortable and can fully live out his passion for the game of soccer and on the other hand is recognized and understood as a person as he is.