TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

TSG Training Principles

In the youth area, we are guided by the development of modern soccer. The system to be played is not primary for the implementation of TSG's own philosophy. The goal must be that the respective playing system is conducive to the development of the talents and is not geared towards team success. Our focus is on the player and his development. At the same time, every player at TSG Wieseck must be able to play soccer with commitment and enthusiasm. The players at TSG Wieseck's Youth Development Center already possess specific talent characteristics, which are sifted by our coaches in the areas of technique, tactics, motor skills and physicality, as well as personality and character. This is not only about the current, age-appropriate performance, but above all about the ability to develop the performance through optimal training. Furthermore, it must be the goal of the player to reach his performance maximum and to give everything for his personal development. TSG Wieseck sees itself as a helper and driver in this maturing process.

In order to fulfill this role, TSG Wieseck has developed the following principles that are conducive to training:

Further development by improving the quality of training

TSG Wieseck wants to offer the talents the most modern and best training content. To achieve this, it is essential that club-internal or external advanced training takes place and that TSG Wieseck coaches plan training sessions based on scientifically recognized elements.

Promoting performance by having fun with soccer

TSG Wieseck sees the fun of soccer as a driver of its own performance.  Accordingly, the training content is to be designed in such a way that, in addition to teaching content, fun in training is an important part of the daily development work.

Optimization of approaches

TSG Wieseck wants players who make independent decisions and take responsibility on and off the pitch. It is important to us that our players are able to solve problems independently as they mature and are thus actively involved in finding solutions to a wide variety of problems.

Promotion of the personality

As a training club, TSG Wieseck considers it its duty to impart norms and values. The goal is to foster player personalities who will move forward courageously and responsibly.

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