TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy


Process & Values
In our department, our main goal is to keep the players as healthy and fit as possible throughout the entire year and guide them through the rehabilitation process in the case of injury. This involves a comprehensive off-season focused on building up fitness qualities like maximal strength, while during the pre-season phase we emphasize speed and power development. Throughout the season, we provide weekly fitness sessions for the U13-U19 teams, as well as individual rehabilitation to maintain resilience, strength, speed, and endurance.

All players at JFZ have access to our partner app, Athletify. Here they receive their weekly training plans (speed, strength, flexibility, and possibly endurance) and can log their training sessions directly on their smartphones.

The following points are important to us:
- Customized programming and adjustments where needed
- Incorporating regeneration and rest periods in the yearly cycle
- Emphasizing a holistic approach to training and rehabilitation (load management)
- Integrating playful elements and fun in fitness training
- Reducing the risk of injuries through strength and speed training
- Providing individual and supervised rehabilitation in case of injury
- Teaching players how to train so they can keep themselves fit during and after their football careers