TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

TSGWorkshop - Summary

This year a very special trip was on the agenda for our coaches, almost 30 Wieseckers made their way to Austria. To be more precise, to St. Leonhard, a small community where our U16 and U17, have their annual training camp.

On Friday morning, two buses and two cars set off for the beautiful Pitztal valley. After a long drive and a short period of acclimatization, in the accommodation, our coaches had far from enough and went immediately on the sports field, with beautiful views of the alpine panorama.

The next morning our coaches had their first seminar with our club doctor Dr. Alwin Sauer, who together with our coaches defined the goals of TSG for the coming years. After intensive hours, our coaches went on a sacrificial hike to the Rifflsee. The strenuous mountain hike paid off once we reached the top, as the view of the mountains and the lake was sensational.

The third day started again with an advanced training, in which it went increasingly, around the training control and development of our players. Afterwards, the next strenuous hike was on the agenda, which the coaches used to discuss further topics and report on their own experiences.

In the evening, something was also brewing, as our co-coaches joined forces and formed a union.

On the penultimate day and with little strength left, our JFZ leader Deniz Solmaz motivated our coaches once again. We went to the Hochzeiger, where our trainers had to prove their Formula 1 skills.

In the evening the match of the year between head coaches and co-trainers took place. In an intense and combative floodlit match, our head coaches had the slightly better outcome and left our co-trainers in the valley of tears.

All in all, it was a successful, long-awaited and very different kind of coaching trip that brought us together again as coaches.