TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Cooperation with TSV Eintracht Stadtallendorf

With the start of the 2020/21 season, regional soccer club TSV Stadtallendorf and the youth development center of TSG Wieseck launched an official cooperation that was initially slowed down somewhat by the Corona pandemic. The two performance-oriented soccer clubs intend a diverse and joint exchange within the framework of regional talent development in Central Hesse.

One goal of the two clubs is to offer the many talents who have gone through the training philosophy of the Wiesecker JugendFörderzentrum an opportunity to benefit from both the training of the Wiesecker suburban club and the joint network after their final year in junior soccer. Stadtallendorfer Eintracht continues to manifest itself as a performance-oriented soccer club that is playing in the Regionalliga Südwest for the second time. In recent years, some of TSG's talents have already established themselves in Stadtallendorf's first team (including Gaudermann, Schütze, Heuser). With the cooperation now the next step is to be introduced and the many well trained new generation players, from the highest junior leagues, are to be introduced purposefully and step by step to the achievement-oriented senior soccer. The plan is to hold joint training days for the two junior divisions, regular test matches between the youth teams, joint talent scouting days for the TSV/JFV Stadtallendorf and TSG youth divisions, further training by the experienced and licensed TSG Wieseck coaches and regular invitations from various TSG Wieseck junior teams to TSV Stadtallendorf home games in the regional league. Furthermore, training sessions of talented U19 junior players of TSG Wieseck with the seniors in Stadtallendorf are part of the cooperation program.

For the Wieseck youth development center, TSV Stadtallendorf is already the third renowned cooperation partner, alongside Eintracht Frankfurt and Talentförderung Mittelhessen. Those responsible at TSG always prioritize the best possible training for the players, measured against their prospects. "In particular for our U19 juniors, the possible step to be presented directly to a regional league team is of course a great and unique opportunity in the region," says JFZ director Deniz Solmaz.

It is now well known that Stadtallendorf always offers very young players a chance to develop their sporting skills. "In order to play higher-class soccer, it needs not only strong, experienced players but also the fresh wind of well-trained youth players. Our youth area around Hermann Weitzel, Helmut Losekam and the youth coordinator Markus Kubonik as well as Stefan Giesselmann, who have already been able to create a good basis in Stadtallendorf especially in the younger area, should also benefit from the cooperation," hopes chairman Reiner Bremer for good cooperation between both clubs.