TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

TSGUSA - Cooperation with US national players

As already announced, the next milestone in the development of our TSG is coming up. The cooperation with A2D Soccer has been in planning since last fall, when two players from America participated in TSG training. Together with the two former U.S. internationals Brent Goulet, who initiated the project together with Deniz Solmaz, and Desmond Armstrong (81 caps), we will always welcome talents from the States in Wieseck.

"Individually, we have some outstanding soccer players in America, but they need to learn how a team, competition or systems work in soccer to take the next step. TSG is just the right partner for that with its training pathway." (Brent Goulet, Head Coach and Founder A2D Soccer)

"The past few days in Nashville have been very informative for us. We were allowed to participate in the training sessions of Brent, Desmond and Belmont University and were able to gain exclusive impressions of the training conditions/methods and the training path in the States." (Niklas Karcher, Head of International Cooperations TSG Wieseck)

So, there are only details left to be clarified in order to bring everything under roof.

In any case, we are looking forward to a good cooperation! Of course we will keep you up to date and let you know immediately if there is any news.