TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Talentförderung Mittelhessen (TFM)

At Talentförderung Mittelhessen, we focus on young people and their abilities and skills. What do we mean by this?

In the true sense of the word, children's and youth soccer is the soccer of the children and young people. And not the soccer of the coaches or parents.

Just as every person is unique, so of course is every child. And this is exactly the point of departure for our idea at TFM.

With us, every player is seen as a young person, with unique potential and intelligence, who needs to be inspired and encouraged.

On the way to becoming the best soccer player they can be, it is important in our eyes to promote self-confidence, creativity and personal responsibility of the players. In particular, personal responsibility is an important point in order to possibly even make the leap to a junior performance center.

We at TFM accompany the children on their way there, with the help of qualified coaches and a sports training concept that has been coined by experts in youth soccer.

We encourage and inspire children by focusing on their creativity and independence. Furthermore, we stand for offering  the greatest talents of each year group an optimal elite support through joint training sessions and special training support through our "Team of Dreams".

This is the TFM!

The TFM is a three division collective that stands for the individual development of young kickers.

To this end, we have licensed coaches from top youth soccer in our ranks. TFM works with coaches from the youth development centers of VfL Wolfsburg and Eintracht Frankfurt, as well as from top regional clubs such as TSG Wieseck. All this expertise helps the young kickers on their way to becoming better and better footballers in the units.

Under the umbrella of the Talentförderung Mittelhessen, are the talent development of field players, which is fully dedicated to the promotion of young kickers, for the improvement of young goalkeepers the TFM goalkeeper academy with qualified goalkeeper coaches and with the TFM coach academy a qualitatively strong offer for networking and for the further education and training of coaches from the domestic area.

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