TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Goalkeeper training concept der TFM

The goalkeeper has always had a special role in soccer since its existence. The modern goalkeeping game now requires more than ever a qualified and comprehensive training to meet the demands placed on goalkeepers.

TFM has recognized the need for special training for goalkeepers and offers special training for goalkeepers to specifically train them in aspects relevant to goalkeeping. Our goal is to make every goalkeeper enjoy his position in the team and to give him the opportunity to constantly improve.

The training concept is a binding guideline for our goalkeeper coaches. In summary, the training can be divided into three core aspects:

Training goals

  • Target defense
  • Space defense
  • Offensive play

Field-playing skills in particular have become an important factor for goalkeepers in today's world, so in addition to improving goalkeeping techniques in conjunction with technical and tactical decision-making skills, soccer technique is also promoted as part of TFM's regular training program.

Goalkeeper training also requires clearly formulated short, medium and long-term goals with the goalkeepers, which are individually adapted to the performance level of each goalkeeper. The training also includes athletic and mental components to ensure a versatile training and to meet the complex requirement profile of the goalkeeper position.