TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

What others say about us

Markus Högner, former trainer

VFL Wolfsburg 1. Women, women A national team:
Current coach SG Essen-Schönebeck 1st league women.

"The way of training is already unique.
There, the players can simply be themselves.
The open and honest way of dealing with each other does
so often anymore."

Luca Waldschmidt, former player of TSG Wieseck

Current Bundesliga player at SC Freiburg

"Deniz has always had a very different handle on us players, once you get used to it, it's really fun and outstanding for your development. It's nice that we still have contact today as well."

Paul Will, former player with TSG Wieseck, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, FC Bayern Munich

Currently player for Dynamo Dresden

"My youth in Wieseck was already good. The conditions are top notch, the training was professional, just right for my development."

Sonny Kittel, former TSG training companion

Current Bundesliga player for Hamburger SV

"During the phase in which I was often injured, I was able to use the time to get a clear picture of the concept and I have to say that I found the free playing and direct communication really great. The players can feel comfortable there."

Raphael Koletzko, current U13 coach at VFL Wolfsburg

"Individually strong players are more important than ever in modern soccer. In this respect, TSG's concept of steadily developing players individually while still developing their own creativity absolutely meshes with the development of modern youth soccer."

Masih Saighani, current national player of Afghanistan

"Kids who love to play soccer need to be encouraged. It's great that TSG is doing this in the same way, that the love of soccer is being used to convey important content!"

Peter Hyballa, former coach at Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, Sturm Graz, Dunajska Streda and trainer at DFB

Currently coach of Wisla Krakow

"An interesting coaching staff, as well as a unique location. TSG is courageously following its own training paths, which have rightly earned it a positive image throughout Germany. Here, training takes precedence over classic thinking about results, this attitude is simply outstanding."

Patrick Kurt, former interim coach SV Darmstadt 98 professionals

Current U17 Bundesliga coach SV Darmstadt 98

"Over the last few years, TSG has built up an excellent reputation when it comes to the individual training of players. If you look at how many players have gone on to professional clubs via training in Wieseck, this is no coincidence. Deniz Solmaz and his team combine both professional but above all social competence in dealing with the children and young people."

Sebastian Müller, former player TSG Wieseck

Current U19 Bundesliga player 1.FC Cologne

"Wieseck is a special club, when I arrived I was well received. Deniz let me develop my own initiative for the first time by giving us guidelines but also giving us room to maneuver and, above all, pushing us. That was great for my development. It's also cool that I'm still in contact with the people in charge and the guys, it's actually never broken off."

Frank Illing, Hessischer Fußballverband Chairman of the Qualification and Club Development Committee

"In Wieseck, the player is exactly where he belongs: in the absolute center. Unlike many other clubs, therefore, there is no selection process but also a training process. I would like to see many more clubs go down this path of a training vision."

Bernd Wiesner, U19 coach SC Paderborn and sports director U11-U15

"It is a great pleasure to observe the continuity with which TSG Wieseck has managed for years to pave the way for young talents from Central Hesse to join professional clubs. Here, work is done with a sense of proportion, common sense and always in the interest of the individual development of the players.
Above all, TSG's path shows that consistent promotion and demand for independence and an honestly implemented attitude of putting the boys' training above short-term team results leads to success in the long term, namely the successive development of talent."

Martin Bülles, Chief Scout 1.FC Cologne

"The TSG is (like) a big family! You feel welcome at all times and still have the essentials in mind... the fun of soccer! Unfortunately, we are losing this more and more in the training of talented boys in NLZ and higher-class amateur clubs. With TSG players, you can still discover the carefree, the joy and the creativity of playing with the ball. The training is focused on the individual and initiative. We at FC have benefited greatly from the great training of the boys in Wieseck and look forward to continued good cooperation in the context of test matches, tournament visits or training. A big praise to Deniz and as well as all his coaches and staff, who do not put themselves in the foreground, but see the development of the boys as the most important thing! Keep up the good work and stay on the ball..."

Lara Schmidt, former player TSG Wieseck

Bundesliga player with Turbine Potsdam and current national player

"TSG Wieseck is a special club with a way of development for young players that is unique. I developed my own initiative there and matured into a self-confident player. Exactly such qualities are indispensable in today's professional soccer and I now benefit from this development!"

Armin Kraaz, Head of NFL Eintracht Frankfurt (Video)