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Today marks the beginning of the summer vacations in Hesse. At the same time, our teams are also taking a well-deserved summer break. On 02.08. start the preparations of our performance teams.

Our Sparkassen summer camp, which started today, already ensures that our campus does not fall asleep during the vacation period.

In this sense we wish you all a nice vacation and when you are away also a relaxing vacation!

You are doing your vocational baccalaureate in the field of business and administration or social work and are still looking for an internship? You always wanted to get a glimpse behind the scenes of TSG and see how the club works?

If you are interested in a varied and exciting internship and are looking to work in a performance-oriented youth development center, we look forward to receiving your application.

Please send your application by e-mail to the office (geschaeftsstelle@tsg-wieseck.com).

Our training times are:

Mondays, from 16:30: age groups 2006 - 2016
Fridays, from 15:30: age groups 2010 - 2016

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TSGMasters - Indoor Masters again with some top-class players!

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Sparkasse Summer Camp

The weather is right, the atmosphere is right, the best conditions for a successful Sparkassen Summer Camp 2021! read more>>

TSGU15 - Season preparation in the starting blocks

Our TSGU15 starts on 02.08. in their season preparation. Our 2007s are expecting a top preparation at the highest level this summer. The very first test match is something that does not happen every day. read more>>

TSGGreetings - Eid Mubarak!

We wish all Muslims a blessed Feast of Sacrifice!

TSG is expanding

The first of 2 new storage containers has arrived. Now we can make room for a new area for our medical department underneath the grandstand.

Further building projects we will present to you bit by bit, be curious.

Unfortunate defeat for U16

In a fast-paced and entertaining game, the U16s were defeated by the 2006 vintage of Rot-Weiß Frankfurt with 2:4 on Wednesday evening. Against the expected strong and physically robust opponent, the TSG players pressed high and aggressively at the beginning and consequently took the lead through Julian Spies (7th). read more>>

TSGMatchday - Co-coaches fight, but remain luckless

Monday saw the match of the year, El Clasico, top match, primetime, 20:30, floodlights, alpine panorama, win or lose, CHEFTRAINER VS. CO-TRAINER. Wow! What a match! Even before the match, the tension between the two teams was palpable, and the first taunts and provocations from both sides were not long in coming. read more>>


TSG News Overview


15.07.2021, 23:13

TSGWorkshop - Summary

This year a very special trip was on the agenda for our coaches, almost 30 Wieseckers made their way to Austria. To be more precise, to St. Leonhard, a small community where our U16 and U17, have their annual...   mehr

14.07.2021, 17:23

TSGWorkshop - day three and four

The first hiking tour is over, the muscles are loosened, our trainers are full of energy and the weather again showed its best side. After refreshments, another round of discussions followed. This time, the...   mehr

14.07.2021, 15:49

TSGU15 - With good feelings into the summer break

Our TSGU15 says goodbye with good feelings into the summer break. After several tests and many victories, but also two defeats, it goes for our 2007er in the summer break. They were able to defeat the...   mehr

13.07.2021, 22:26

+++ Breaking News --- Co-Coaches Form Union --- Badass Demands +++

Here you can see the highlights of the two-hour press conference. U14-Co Eddy Riehl presents the project "Union Co-Trainer" and makes tough demands to the management around Deniz Solmaz. If you want to...   mehr

13.07.2021, 22:16

TSGDownhill - Exclusive Insights at the Formula Carts

Our coaches spent the past weekend not only with further education and sessions on the course, but increasingly in the beautiful Austrian Alps in the fresh mountain air. The coaches used Monday for a special...   mehr

13.07.2021, 07:18

TSGDemogroup - U13/U12 Demogroup in Grünberg

On Sunday, 12 players of our TSGU13 and TSGU12 were allowed to act as a demo group at the training of the base and regional selection coaches from the Frankfurt region in the sports school Grünberg. For more...   mehr

12.07.2021, 17:56

TSGPraktikanten - One-year internship for vocational baccalaureate at TSG

You are doing your vocational baccalaureate in the field of economics and administration or social affairs and are still looking for an internship? You always wanted to get a glimpse behind the scenes of TSG...   mehr

10.07.2021, 18:39

TSGWorkshop - Day one and two

The first two days of our trainers' trip are over. After a short car ride and a small pedal boat tour, the TSG coaches checked into the vacation home. After unpacking the groceries and moving into the rooms,...   mehr

09.07.2021, 13:21


A bus ride, that's great. A bus ride that's beautiful. We're going to the mountains. You will all see. This weekend we are not as busy as usual, because the TSG coaches are on their way to their traditional...   mehr

08.07.2021, 16:38

TSGMini Eagle Day - A real success

On Sunday, after a very long wait, we finally held another talent scouting day with our cooperation partner in Wieseck. More than 80 kids found their way to our TSG campus for the "mini" version of the Eagle...   mehr

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