TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Cooperation with TV Hüttenberg

Starting with the new season, we are cooperating with the youth department of TV Hüttenberg. At first glance, it may look a bit unusual, since both clubs play different sports, but we are similar in many respects, especially in the structural area. The sustainable promotion of young talent is particularly important to us and TV Hüttenberg, and we also see it as our task to provide the best possible support for young talents on their way to professional soccer. We had great conversations and are already looking forward to joint coach trainings as well as visits to halls and stadiums in order to benefit from each other in the best possible way. This opens up new avenues for both sides, which are committed to youth performance handball as well as soccer, to take advantage of. "We want to continue to guarantee a high permeability. For this is we also want to develop our coaches, so that we can ensure the best possible talent development," said our TSG boss Deniz Solmaz. Due to these commonalities, a cooperation was already agreed upon at the first meeting, which was initiated by our club physician Dr. Alwin Sauer. As team doctor of TV Hüttenberg, Alwin knows handball very well.

We are looking forward to the next joint meeting. Thus, both clubs are looking optimistically into the future to further promote talent development in Central Hesse.

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