TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Academy Strength & Conditioning

  • U16 - U19 Training Priorities
    - Maximal strength, hypertrophy, and explosive power training in phases throughout the yearly cycle
    - Speed training (acceleration over 10m and maximum speed over 30-40m)
    - Comprehensive training and load management to reduce the risk of injuries
    - Strength training should involve all muscle groups, as well as single-leg training
    - Strength training with free weights and machines

  • U12 - U15 Training Priorities
    - Strength training with the largest possible range of motion
    - Targeted strength training: Muscle building through hypertrophy (sets with 8+ repetitions, light weight)
    - Proprioception training (improvement of body awareness, perception, and coordination)
    - Flexibility and body control as the foundation for later development
    - Speed training (over 10-20m)