TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Sport Science Partners

The health of our young players is the highest priority in our department. Although our goal is to keep injury risk as low as possible all season long, injuries happen and we strive to provide optimal care through comprehensive and continuous cooperation between physiotherapists, physicians, our on-site sport scientists and our external partners. To ensure the fastest and healthiest possible rehabilitation after injury, we work with respected physical therapy partners in our region:

Physical Therapy Partners

Rückenwerk Wetzlar

Physioteam Gießen-Alleenhof

Phone: 06441 2000461
E-Mail: info@rueckenwerk.de
Address: Sportparkstraße 2, 35578 Wetzlar
Web: www.rueckenwerk.de

Phone: (+49) 0641 74257
E-Mail: physioteam.giessen@gmail.com
Address: Schützenstraße 62 E Im Erdgeschoss
35398 Gießen
Web: www.physioteam-giessen.de