TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Your sponsoring at TSG Wieseck

Support our JugendFörderzentrum and contribute in a relevant and goal-oriented way so that we can continue our extensive talent development in the future. It would be great if we could win you over to support us in the training of young people with a donation or sponsorship for children's and youth soccer. We would like to continue to provide our children and young people with sporting and personal training at the highest level and are therefore always on the lookout for strong and reliable supporters of our work. If you can identify with the image of a young and dynamic team and would like to support the approx. 300 soccer-loving children and young people, then you have come to the right place! Support our youth department by making a donation.

What our team does: We are a total of 45 competent coaches and trainers who make it possible to conduct games and training for the approximately 300 children and young people in our seventeen teams. In a year, our teams complete about 1800 training sessions, which corresponds to an effort of 2700 time hours of pure training time. In the training sessions, age-appropriate learning content is taught according to the Wiesecker training concept. Technical skills, tactical understanding of the game and coordination are the focal points of training here. The teams of the JugendFörderzentrum play about 400 compulsory games and 300 friendly games in a year. In addition, we participate with our children and young people in numerous tournaments at home and abroad. With the numbers mentioned, it quickly becomes clear that all of this can only be accomplished because our dedicated coaches and trainers devote themselves to the interests of the youth soccer players of TSG Wieseck with a great deal of idealism, personal commitment and team spirit. The good cohesion among the trainers and coaches, as well as their collective action is an important factor here.


"The true generosity toward the future is to give in the present.“