TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt

The JugendFörderzentrum Wieseck and the soccer performance center of Eintracht Frankfurt have a binding cooperation agreement. The aim of the cooperation between the two clubs is to improve the training of young soccer talents in the Rhine-Main area in terms of sport and structure.

To achieve these goals, joint events such as scouting days, friendly matches, tournaments, training sessions or advanced training for coaches are planned. The best possible individual development of all talents is to be achieved, among other things, through the joint use of club resources, short-term transfer opportunities for young players between clubs, and the establishment of a joint player database. In addition, it has now become clear that it is beneficial for the further development of players if they do not leave their familiar environment too early. The prerequisite for this, however, is that they have the opportunity to receive high-quality training and support in their region.

After all, the foundations for a future Bundesliga player are laid up to the C-youth level. If the conditions are right, the step into the professional club's performance center can still take place after the C-youth. "We know that players are trained very well in Wieseck up to the C-youth level," explains Armin Kraaz, head of Eintracht Frankfurt's performance center, with confidence. "We are of course pleased that we have been able to expand our network of young footballers in Hesse with the very well-positioned TSG Wieseck. The talent scouting in the Rhine-Main region can now run even more seamlessly. It is extremely important for the individual development of each player that he can train according to his performance level. In TSG Wieseck, we have found a partner with whom we complement each other very well and who can demonstrate excellent work in junior soccer," says a delighted Armin Kraaz about the club cooperation.