TSG Wieseck Youth Development Academy

Rehabilitation Training

Soccer is a dynamic team sport. From a sports medicine perspective, the risk of injury is high. Various characteristics of soccer are responsible for this:

  • Soccer is a tempo sport with many rapid changes of motion, short sprints, etc., which means that there are always short-term peak loads.
  • Soccer is a contact sport with duels, headers, corners, etc. The risk of injury is high due to excessive emotional commitment.
  • Soccer is played largely without protectors.
  • Soccer is played in all weather conditions. The risk of injury is increased in extreme cold, heat, ice.

Due to the high risk of injury during training/playing, professional injury prevention is essential in order to have healthy players ready to perform in the long term. The rehabilitation department is closely linked to the athletics department and the medical department in order to achieve targeted success as quickly as possible. In the pre-season preparation phase, rehabilitation training is carried out instead of athletics training as a precautionary measure from the performance level onwards, in order to prepare all players for the high physical demands and to compensate for any physical/muscular imbalances. Only after the rehabilitation training has been completed will the athletic trainers carry out comprehensive athletic training tailored to the youth team.

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