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Partner Rehabilitation & Athletics

The rehabilitative and preventive care of our young players is a high priority at our youth development center. Through comprehensive and continuous interdisciplinary cooperation between physiotherapists, physicians, sports scientists and rehabilitation coaches, we can ensure the best possible care. The Department of Rehabilitation, Athletics and Medicine is responsible for the multifaceted medical needs of all players. It fully covers both training and competition care. To ensure the fastest possible rehabilitation after injury, we work with respected partners in the field of physiotherapy and prevention:

Our cooperation partners

Rückenwerk Wetzlar

Physio Training Weber

Phone: 06441 2000461
E-Mail: info@rueckenwerk.de
Address: Spilburgstraße 4 in 35578 Wetzlar
Web: https://www.rueckenwerk.de

Phone: 06441 23646
E-Mail: info@pt-wetzlar.de
Address: Am Leitz-Park 4 in 35578 Wetzlar
Web: https://www.pt-wetzlar.de