TSG Wieseck - Youth Academy

Discounts for TSG players

All players in the JugendFörderzentrum benefit from discount offers at the mentioned partners. Our sports scientists and rehabilitation coaches can answer all your questions about the cooperation.

Please ask for more details at: athletik@tsg-wieseck.com.

Save up to 50% on BlackRoll's list prices when you order through TSG Wieseck. Just send an email to athletik@tsg-wieseck.com and save money.

We are pleased to announce that we can offer our players a 25% discount on the monthly base price at the fitness chain "FitX-Deutschland".

For us, regeneration and fitness is at the forefront, test today the products of the company DOC Weigart.

What to do with deep blockages and muscular tension? Our new cooperation partner TMX Trigger has a great solution! Through modern studies they were able to create a tool that works more effectively than a fascia roller! Visit the store: www.tmx-trigger.de and save 10% on everything with the code: TT4TMX

Enable the body to regenerate quickly? Our cooperation partner ORTHOMECHANIK has the massage gun especially for footballers, the OrthoGun 2.0! Visit the store: www.orthomechanik.de and save 10,00 Euro with the code: 2021youryear10EUR

You can also save money with our second cooperation partner in the area of trigger points, Triggerbow. Visit the store: www.triggerbow.de/shop/ and save 27% on everything with the code: tsg-wieseck-27